First Edition

The first edition of the Open Data Barometer was published in October 2013.

The report is available for download here.

2013 datasets

The full data used to compute the 2013 Open Data Barometer is archived with the Zenodo research archive at Zenodo is a permanent research archive hosted on CERN infrastructure, dedicated to the long-term archival of research data.

You can also find key files available for download below:

Filename Description
Open Data Barometer - Research Handbook.pdf The detailed 2013 research handbook providing the full text of questions and source guidance used in the expert-survey.
ODB-2013-Rankings.csv The calculated components and sub-indexes of the 2013 Open Data Barometer.
ODB-2013-Structure.csv All input variables included in the 2013 Open Data Barometer, their source and definition
ODB-2013-ScoresMatrix.csv Peer-reviewed numerical scores assigned to each primary data variable collected for the 2013 Open Data Barometer.
ODB-2013-Datasets-Scored.csv Validated and weighted dataset assessments; one row per dataset per country.
ODB-2013-Calculations.xls Primary and secondary data, along with calculations and final index values.

These files are the copies published in 2013. Some variable names and country titles have been updated in the 2014 data.

All data is licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution License. Please cite as: Web Foundation, “Open Data Barometer: 2013 Global Report – Datasets” and include a link to when re-using the data. Better still, get in touch to let us know about any re-use or analysis you have made. E-mail or visit to find our online discussion spaces.