Open Data Labs Jakarta and Asia 2020

Open Data Labs Jakarta

Open data Labs JAKARTA

The Open Data Lab Jakarta is a research and innovation lab focused on harnessing the potential of open data for social impact. We seek to develop, test and evaluate models, and build evidence for the value of openly available government data to tackle practical challenges faced by developing and emerging economies in the Southeast Asia region.
Established and run by the World Wide Web Foundation, we engage with a wide range of partners in the region to build a solid research, innovation and advocacy platform and test our ideas on the ground.

Focusing on the local level, we seek to identify concrete challenges in high-impact sectors across the region, and co-create and tailor workable open data models and solutions together with our partners. We recognise the different states of open data in each country – and city, if needed – to ensure that appropriate and sustainable measures are used in each project, ensuring the best results and impact.

Open Data Asia 2020

Priorities, opportunities and challenges for securing developmental outcomes from open data vary across geographies. It is important for the agenda for open data research and innovation to be set, owned and driven by local stakeholders.

In February 2015, the Web Foundation in partnership with the Open Data for Development Network conducted a regional agenda-setting workshop with representatives from 11 countries to jointly define the region’s open data agenda leading to 2020.

The primary result of the workshop is an open data strategy for the region, dubbed as Open Data Asia 2020, which articulates what the state of open data should be in the region by 2020 – and how this could be jointly achieved by the different stakeholders involved, which include governments, businesses and civil society organisations.
Building on the outcomes of the workshop, projects were launched in a range of thematic areas with partners across the region to contribute to the realisation of the joint vision through targeted research and innovation.